Hifu Face Lift Machine


Hifu Face Lift Machine for Face & Neck, Ultrasonic RF Radio Frequency, Face Slimming, Wrinkle Remover, Skin Tightening

1.Automatic scanning and permeating skin deeply.
2.Active and firming skin, solve flabby skin problems.
3.Tighten muscle and recover the elasticity of skin.
4.Improve skin complexion and accelerate circulation, remove wrinkles.

Technology advantage:
1.Safe non-invasive non invasive stimulation of collagen and elastic fibers in the deep.
2.Deep deep fascia SMAS layer.
3.High precision focal ultrasound positioning, precise operation does not hurt the surrounding tissue.
4.An operation without repeated operation, can achieve good effect.
5.No recovery period after the operation can be beautiful appearance, do not affect the work life.
6.The process of comfort energy to the dermis, avoid the knife, no wound.

Two Technology :
HIFU ( High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
Owns the non-invasive and focus penetrating advantage. By HIFU technology, it can use the non-invasive way (without surgery or injection) to act on designed subcutaneous area. The subcutaneous tissue will produce transient heating under high-frequency vibration, to up to the treatment energy which makes the skin tissue cells regrown.
2MHZ bipolar RF and LED light technology
The energy work on the deep tissue to dissolve the fatness strongly. Meanwhile it accelerates the metabolism, which helps the excretion for the dissolved fatness, to get the good effect of face slimming and sculpture.

Note :
1.The HIFU operation has a temporary slight swelling phenomenon is normal. Note that 1 week after the operation do not go to high temperature sauna, yoga and other high-temperature environments, and not recommended for exposure.
2.Before the operation to keep the skin, hair parts clean, can not make up & keep the skin cleaning.
3.Cleaning face without hot water within 3 days(not to exceed the temperature of the water can be) three times facial mask 1 week.
4.Do not eat soy sauce pigment within a week of heavy stuff, alcohol, spicy foods.
5.Avoid eyeballs and larynx during operation.


Working Principle: RF

Type: LMH181015-01

Power Source: Electric

Origin: CN(Origin)

Material: Plastic

Item Type: Face Skin Care Massager

Item Name: Mini HIFU RF Device

Function 9: LED Light Photon Face Skin

Function 8: Portable Face Massager

Function 7: Radio Frequency Beauty Machine

Function 6: Mini Hifu Bipolar RF Beauty Machine

Function 5: Ultrasound RF Face Neck Lifting Device

Function 4: Wrinkle Remover

Function 3: Skin Rejuvenation Massager

Function 2: Face Lifting Machine

Function 1: Anti Wrinkle Tightening Device

Function: Lifting

Function: Skin Tightening

Function: Skin Rejuvenation

Function: Anti Wrinkle

Brand Name: Foreverlily